Our Coffee

All our Espresso drinks are made with freshly ground beans from Toronto based micro-roaster, Propeller Coffee's TURBO espresso. This espresso is more traditional, with muted acidity, a heavier body and a dark chocolate finish. We are very proud to be partnered with this global award winning company passionately dedicated to quality and to absolute sustainability.


Our Medium and Dark Roast drip coffees are from Coyote's Coffee Roaster in British Columbia. A team of coffee lovers equally passionate about quality and the art of coffee.  

                                                                            The MEDIUM Roast, El Salvador Black Honey, is Central American

                                                                  It is a well rounded medium roast with balanced flavour and a lightly syrupy mouth feel. It has floral notes and sweet brown                                                                                                            sugar finish. Coffee drinkers may be able to try this cup without their added sugar to really enjoy the flavours this coffee brings.

                                                                                       The DARK Roast, Bali Blue Moon is Indonesian

                                                  It gives fragrant toffee aroma with natural flavours of walnut and chocolate with a black cherry finish. This coffee is well-rounded with crisp bright

                                                                    notes of wood, smoke, chocolate and spice. It is an earthy blend with good consistency and subtle notes of lemon and citrus.

Our Teas

We offer a wide selection of fresh teas and tea blends supplied by a leader in the industry, Winnipeg-based Cornelia Bean Ltd. The company is owned and run by a husband and wife team who are wildly experienced in purveying fine teas and coffees, passionate about their trade, and committed to product quality and innovation.

Telephone: (204)-638-1444

ADDRESS: 622 3rd Street SW, Dauphin, Manitoba

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